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Georgia’s 9th District

Devin Pandy is a 21-year Army veteran and Wounded Warrior who served in five deployments, including Panama, Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan, and retired at the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 2. He brings with him the values of honor and integrity that he lived by while serving in the Armed Forces and knows how to lead and work collectively with others.

Devin’s military service helped to instill in him a deep-seated sense of dedication to the United States Constitution. He believes in the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and is proud to have served in defense of their great vision for this country. Devin’s friends, family, and colleagues, knowing his passion for democracy, and his concern for the current state of the union, often encouraged him to run for government office; to run for a seat where he could, once again, truly make a difference in the lives of the American people. But it wasn’t until he began to see Republican congress members in clear violation of their oaths did Devin actually contemplate running for office.

While viewing the televised impeachment hearings, Devin was astonished and, quite frankly, offended at the fervor with which Doug Collins, U.S. House Representative for Georgia’s 9th Congressional District, was not only defending the president’s unethical actions, but was yelling at, belittling, and insulting the few women and men courageous enough to give testimony about what they witnessed while working within the Trump Administration. It was then that Devin realized Representative Collins stood against everything he had fought over 20 years to protect; the Constitution, the American people, and Democracy itself. It was clear Collins had to go, and Devin intended to be the one to unseat him.

When elected, Devin Pandy will focus on critical issues facing the nation and affecting rural Georgia, including:

  • The Economy
  • Tax reform
  • Living Wages
  • Voter’s Rights

Devin will address small farmers and businesses that are disproportionately affected by the Trump administration’s tariffs and the Georgia farmers who have yet to receive any of the $28 billion promised in bailout assistance. Realistic tax reform is crucial to the success of the economy and Devin stands opposed to billion-dollar tax breaks for the wealthy while lower and middle-income citizens are neglected. It is past time for the efforts of Rural Georgians to be rewarded with a living wage. Finally, over 100,000 Georgia voters were disenfranchised during the 2018 election cycle and efforts to suppress votes continue today. Devin believes all Americans should exercise their constitutional right to vote and vows to ensure all those eligible to vote – can vote, and that all votes cast are counted.

Devin is steadfast in his support for common-sense legislation that benefits his constituents, Georgia, and the United States of America. He is committed to continuing serving his country by diligently representing the residents of Georgia’s 9th Congressional District, defending the Constitution, and restoring Honor and Integrity to Congress.