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Pennsylvania’s 9th District

Gary Wegman is a dentist that has been practicing in his community for 36 years, while also working on his family farm. Gary is a 5th generation farmer, so he is no stranger to rolling up his sleeves and getting to work. Gary has dedicated his life to serving his community: as a dentist, as a farmer, and as a father and husband. He was raised on a working family farm in the Oley Valley where he learned to live the values of hard work, fair play, and equality. Furthermore, Gary plans on fighting against the rising costs of prescription medications and health insurance, increased investment in infrastructure, education, and increased support for the agricultural community. When asked why he chose No Dem Left Behind, he said that he “believes that we can’t afford the ‘politics as usual’ that has led to the gridlock and bad ideas in Washington — ideas that have ignored and left behind the people in our region while politicians and special interests have prospered.”