Jamie Cheek

Utah's 1st District

Jamie grew up in Wyoming and moved to Utah nearly a decade ago, where she now lives with her husband and daughter. She works as a Licensed Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, helping many of the most vulnerable populations find greater independence through gainful and fulfilling employment. Through her work, Jamie has served as both Social Media Specialist and as President of Utah’s chapter of Job Placement and Development, and is currently the President-elect of the Utah Rehabilitation Association. 


She also has used her time as a volunteer for both high school and college debate teams, and is active with her county chapter of the Utah Democratic Party. Jamie is running for Congress because she believes that the people of Utah’s 1st District have been left behind for too long. 


Jamie is running a grassroots, progressive campaign in Utah’s 1st District. She wants to be a leader in the fight for a living wage, healthcare as a human right, climate action, and more, and she is running a 100% people-funded campaign, which means she’s taking no money from corporate PACs, lobbyists, or special interests. She believes that our government has been taken over by corruption, and she wants to go to Washington to take the power back for the people.  In Congress, Jamie will stand up and fight for the people of her district, because Utah Deserves Better.

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