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Interested in giving a voice to the communities of rural America? 

We’re already working to build our coalition of candidates for the next election. We are in the early stages of identifying 50 key races, one in every state, where we actively collect data, build voter models, and recruit candidates. We are hiring the best data scientists that will give us crucial information about voters in each state and tell us who is most persuadable and how to persuade them.

After collecting the most up to date information and building the most sophisticated data models, No Dem Left Behind will recruit candidates that reflect their districts or states. As the next election cycle gets closer, we will share our resources and provide community and support to every NDLB endorsed candidate.


Interested in joining our 2022 candidate coalition?

Start HERE.


Fill out the questionnaire, and a member of our team will review it and contact you. If you are not a candidate, but would like to recommend someone to us, please do so via the “Contact Us” form.