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Missouri’s 4th District

Lindsey is a seventh-generation Missourian. Her family settled in Howard County a few years before Missouri earned its statehood.  As her family grew, they settled across Saline, Morgan, and Cooper counties, where most of her family remains to this day.

After graduating from Central Methodist College (now University), Lindsey’s mom and dad moved to Marshall, where Lindsey attended Marshall Public Schools and graduated from Marshall High School. Her mother has dedicated her life to helping those with intellectual disabilities as a unit director for the Missouri Department of Mental Health, and her father runs a small insurance business while managing his own working farm just outside of Dixon, Missouri.

With such demanding jobs, Lindsey and her siblings spent many weekends with her grandparents helping out on the farm—her favorite chore was snapping beans with Grammie on Saturday nights while watching WSM’s Grand Ole Opry.

After high school, Lindsey attended Missouri Valley College in Marshall where she was elected Student Body President and designated History Scholar for her graduating class. With the economy in a downturn, Lindsey pursued a Master’s degree in English, hoping to become an educator but when her grandparents faced increased medical bills, complicated social security forms, and cumbersome Medicaid paperwork, Lindsey knew her family needed a lawyer. She applied to law school using fee waivers and crossed her fingers hoping to get in—she never dreamed she’d be accepted to Harvard Law School.

There’s a lot about leaving rural Missouri for the East Coast that’s different—but Lindsey quickly saw that people in Boston faced the same challenges as her own family. So, she joined Harvard Defenders which enabled her to represent indigent defendants in show cause hearings—giving a voice to people who simply needed—and deserved—a lawyer. Upon her graduation, she was recognized for committing more than 1,000 hours to pro bono service while in law school and she carried that commitment to public service as she began her legal career at Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton.

To date, Lindsey has advocated on behalf of domestic violence survivors, conservation groups, veterans, and helped flood and hurricane victims secure FEMA benefits. And in 2018, Lindsey watched one of her long-term clients, Shawn Williams, take his first steps as a free man after being wrongfully convicted of a crime twenty-five years prior. This advocacy earned her the Pro Publica Award for Public Service and she was named Missouri Valley College’s Outstanding Young Alumni.

With a strong commitment to public service, Lindsey earned an appellate clerkship on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis—returning home to Missouri had always been the plan, after all. But then she met her husband, Chris, and those plans changed. Chris is an Apache helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army. Shortly after returning from his second deployment in the Middle East, Lindsey and Chris welcomed their first child, Jace. Faced with the choice of returning to Missouri to pursue the clerkship or keeping her family together at her husband’s duty station at Fort Campbell, KY—Lindsey declined her clerkship and focused on being a wife and mother.

But with the constant permanent change of stations, deployments, and month-long training, Lindsey and Chris decided their family deserved a forever home, and there was never any doubt where that would be—Missouri. Now, Jace is an eighth-generation Missourian and although he’s a little too young to start snapping beans, he sure does love to dance to country music.