Michael Muscato

Arizona's 8th District

Michael Muscato is a husband, a father, and a small business owner. Michael was born and raised in the district he is seeking to represent in United States Congress. He was drafted to play professional baseball by the New York Yankees out of college. He holds a bachelor’s degree and various health, fitness, and nutrition certifications.


After a few seasons of professional baseball Michael came home to an Arizona economy that provided little to no job opportunities. Like most of Arizona’s youth today, Michael left his home state to make a life for himself.  He quickly established himself as a young talent in the entertainment industry as a broadcast engineer for one of Hollywood’s oldest tv/film studios. Within two years, his hard work was recognized and led to an opportunity to work for and travel the world with many of today’s most famous music artists on their world concert tours. For the past decade, Michael has held a career as a video director and crew chief for many of the largest music concerts and entertainment projects in the world.


Michael was raised by two hard working public school teachers who taught himself and his brother that where they come from means something and that family means everything. After traveling the world and establishing his professional career, Michael came back home. He started a family, opened his own small business, and became active in community service. 

He has been married for six years and they have two little boys. Michael and his wife have owned their small business for the past seven years.


2018 was the first year Arizona’s 8th Congressional district ever received Democratic Party support and Democrats came within 4.5% of flipping it in the special election. Michael’s platform is based on being born and raised in this district and is receiving cross-over support from Independent voters and disenfranchised Republicans – the voters needed to win this district.


Michael believes that a representative’s job is to represent their district, not their political party or its party leadership. He believes that Congress needs less partisanship and more people working hard every day to make our lives better. 

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