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No Dem Left Behind supports to our candidates by acting as a resource and providing guidance in a number of areas.


We are reimagining the way Democrats succeed in rural America. 

Every election cycle, we build a coalition of candidates from across the nation, who support one another’s candidacy and work with one another to win elections. Our candidates look like, sound like, and relate to the people they represent. This is critical as our primary objective is to elect Democrats who live and breathe the fact that the Democratic party is the party of working-class and blue-collar families. We are the party that got us out of the Great Depression, the 2008 recession, and we are the party that will help us rebuild after the coronavirus pandemic and economic recession.

From Florida to Wyoming, Maine to Arizona, No Dem Left Behind unites candidates across the country. We offer something unique to our candidates – community. Our candidates get to connect to fellow rural Democratic candidates around the country, share ideas, resources, and support. We work together and support one another. That’s how we win.


No Dem Left Behind offers a unique opportunity to our candidates – community. Our candidates get to connect to fellow rural Democratic candidates around the country, share ideas, resources, and support.

“When I launched my campaign, I felt alone. No Dem Left Behind connected me with other candidates around the country who were facing the same obstacles and gave me a sense of belonging”

Natalie Cline (WV-01)


No Dem Left Behind offers support to our candidates in a variety of ways


  • Fundraising support
  • Voter contact support
  • Infrastructure support
  • Communications support


Rural candidates often do not have access to resources required to build the basic infrastructure of a winning campaign. We set our candidates up for success by collecting data and building a team that can carry them to success.


  • Data Modeling
  • Data Acquisition
  • Call Time Infrastructure
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Team and Staff Building
  • Finance Plan
  • Campaign Plan


No Dem Left Behind is committed to helping our candidates reach every voter they need to in order to win. That is why voter contact support is crucial to what we do.


  • Call Time support
  • Access to No Dem Left Behind donors
  • Budget and spending guidance
  • Access to compliance and FEC filing professionals



Fundraising can be the most difficult obstacle to overcome for rural candidates. We use our resources to help guide them and show them not only how to raise money but how to do so consistently.


  • Mail Services
  • Digital Advertising
  • Data Modeling
  • GOTV Plan Development
  • Text Banking
  • Phone Banking


Many rural candidates are running for office for the first time. We work with them to strengthen their communication skills as well as interacting with the press and gaining national recognition.


  • Messaging
  • Press Relations
  • Press Coverage
  • Communications Plans
  • Opportunity to discuss policy and news with popular political figures and entertainers during our virtual town halls.


We have built partnerships with entertainers, influences, activists, and political figures, and create powerful, meaningful networking opportunities to our candidates.

Town Hall Hosts

Alyssa Milano

Chelsea Handler

Sarah Cooper

Andrew Yang

Katie Hill

Christine Pelosi

Brooklyn Dad

Scott Dworkin

Nick Knudsen

Fundraising Partners

Mark Hamill

Rosie O’Donnell

Jason Alexander

Debra Messing

Piper Perabo

Kristen Johnson

Billy Baldwin

Tom Arnold

Kirk Acevedo