climate change

Our Climate Crisis needs to be tackled head-on, and immediately. We see the effects of climate change every day, and know that it will only continue to worsen if we do not act now. No Dem Left Behind, unlike so much of Washington, is not controlled by the fossil fuel industry. Instead, our priorities are with the communities that are affected by climate change: our communities back home. No Dem Left Behind supports the Green New Deal because it provides an opportunity for the nation to come together and create a clean future for coming generations.

Raising Minimum Wage

In the past decade, average rent prices have increased by nearly 40%. Wages, on the other hand, have barely budget, even as corporate profits have skyrocketed and worker productivity has continued to rise. No Dem Left Behind seeks to return power back to the working class by ensuring a national $15 minimum wage.  

Affordable Healthcare

Every day, Americans suffer because they cannot afford even the most basic healthcare needs. With the rising prices of prescription drugs, and the outrageous expenses of even regular healthcare procedures, we need a fix now. No Dem Left Behind supports creating a path to affordable healthcare for all Americans. 

Women's Rights

It’s simple: women’s rights are human rights. Roe v Wade established a woman’s right to safe and legal abortions nearly 50 years ago, and we are proud to stand by that decision. No Dem Left Behind upholds the decision made by the Supreme Court and believes that what happens to a woman’s body should be no one’s decision but her own.  

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