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  • Rachel Eppler

No Dem Left Behind is Under Attack by the Alt-Right

A Blue Tsunami is roaring, and No Dem Left Behind is riding the wave. No Dem Left Behind is the fastest growing grassroots coalition of Democrats in America. No Dem Left Behind launched in December 2019, and in just a few short months the movement has taken form and people are starting to notice. Of course that includes the alt-right wing. Hyper conservatives have taken notice and are proactively targeting No Dem Left Behind and our stellar roster of candidates. Whether it’s through hateful messages on social media, multiple attempts to hack into the No Dem Left Behind website and database, or a constant barrage of false reporting to Twitter, their attempts have failed to silence our voices and stop our group efforts.

We have learned the Corrupt GOP does not play fair; they take their marching orders from Moscow Mitch McConnell. This onslaught of attacks has motivated and reinvigorated our movement like nothing else. It tells us they are scared, and they have good reason to be. The stellar coalition of candidates that make up No Dem Left Behind are knocking on doors, driving volunteers by the hundreds, and registering new voters by the thousands. These numbers will only grow as we inch closer and closer to the historic 2020 elections.

Our candidates are running a nationwide grassroots campaign:

We are coordinating our effortsKnocking on doorsMaking calls to people that haven’t heard from Democrats in years, maybe decadesWe are taking no district and no voter for grantedWe are registering voters by the tens of thousandsWe are engaged, motivated, and working in unison

We are overwhelmed by all of the support and receiving 10–20 inquiries a week from candidates from city council all the way to the US Senate who want to join our coalition. Presidential campaigns have even started to take notice of our historical movement!

We are truly a grassroots movement, fueled by the people of our nation. We make all of our candidates take the pledge that no one can accept Corporate PAC or dark money, and instead are relying on voter contributions to fund our efforts. If the 2018 midterm elections proved anything, it is that red seats and red states can be flipped BLUE up and down the ticket. It is critical that in 2020 we not only consolidate these gains, but that we increase them across the board.

We invite all concerned citizens and candidates to join our coalition to ensure America has a government that reflects who we really are — fearless, proud, and patriotic. Rural Democrats led by the coalition of congressional candidates that make up No Dem Left Behind are reminding America that the Democratic party is the party for the working and blue collar class and we could not be more proud of that label. It’s a badge of honor for us.