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  • Rachel Eppler

No Dem Left Behind Welcomes Congressional Candidate Devin Pandy

Summary: This week, No Dem Left Behind expanded their coalition to include Devin Pandy, the Democratic candidate running for House District 09 in Georgia. The coalition is no longer solely focused on flipping individual seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate but flipping entire states BLUE.

About Devin: Devin is a career Army veteran and a Wounded Warrior who served in five deployments in Panama, Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan, and retired at the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 2. He is committed to continuing serving our country by representing the voters of GA-09, replacing incumbent Representative Doug Collins.

Devin brings with him the values of honor and integrity that he lived by while serving in the Armed Forces and knows how to lead and work collectively with others. He supports common-sense legislation and will be mission-focused on supporting legislation that benefits both his constituents and the country.

Devin will focus on critical issues facing our nation and affecting rural Georgia. Among them are the economy, tax reform, living wages, and voter’s rights. Devin will address small farmers and businesses that are disproportionally affected by the Trump administration’s tariffs and the Georgia farmers who have yet to receive any of the $28 billion promised in bailout assistance. Rural Georgians work tirelessly to supply a substantial quantity of agricultural goods, which greatly contribute to the nation’s well-being, and we must now think of their well-being. For this reason, Devin supports realistic tax reform and stands opposed to billion-dollar tax breaks for the wealthy while lower and middle-income citizens are neglected. It is past time for the efforts of Rural Georgians to be rewarded with a living wage. Voter’s Rights is another of Devin’s priorities. Tens of thousands of Georgia voters were disenfranchised during the last election cycle and efforts to suppress votes continue today. Devin believes all Americans should exercise their constitutional right to vote and vows to ensure all those eligible to vote — can vote, and that all votes cast are counted.

Flipping America Blue: NDLB is confident all states and all districts can be flipped, no matter how red they appear to be. Devin only needs 150,000 votes to flip the nation’s third reddest district BLUE — NDLB believes this is an achievable accomplishment. Across the nation, Democrats are gearing up to take over Republican seats that had once been overlooked. No Dem Left Behind is proud to stand behind Devin’s campaign and his candidacy to prove once and for all: Rural Democrats do exist.

About No Dem Left Behind: No Dem Left Behind is a national grassroots movement dedicated to electing Democratic candidates in red districts and states. It is composed of Congressional candidates who are committed to progressive values, while also remaining loyal to their rural roots.