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  • Rachel Eppler

No Dem Left Behind Welcomes First Senate Candidate to Coalition

Summary: This week, No Dem Left Behind expanded their coalition to include Yana Ludwig, the Democratic candidate running for Senate in Wyoming. The coalition is no longer focused only on flipping seats in the House of Representatives, but flipping entire states blue.

About Yana: Yana’s professional career has focused mainly on the nonprofit sector, where she has been the Director of numerous nonprofits including Project Grow Community Gardens, Recycling Jackson, the Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture, and Commonomics USA. She has also served on the Board and/or Oversight team of the nonprofit Foundation for the Intentional Community for a decade.

Since coming to Wyoming in 2016, Yana has become a member of Laramie’s Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and has been active in various community organizing efforts, including organizing a benefit auction for Standing Rock in 2017. Most recently, she was a founding member of Albany County for Proper Policing, a community group formed in response to the fatal shooting of Robbie Ramirez. She has also worked as a regional organizer for Showing Up for Racial Justice, and worked for Big Hollow Food Co-Op and the Earth, Wind and Fire Gallery.

Yana is running for Senate in Wyoming because she believes the state is not accurately represented by the GOP. She believes that Wyoming needs new leadership in order to best serve the people. That’s why Yana’s platform is based on the people of Wyoming. She has consistently stood up for those who have been marginalized by our government, and believes that we all have the same core needs: economic security, respect, and access to basic services like education and healthcare. She believes that the best way to win this Senate seat is to fight for a livable future for all, and building a strong, diverse movement committed to that future.

Flipping America Blue: No Dem Left Behind believes that all states and all districts can be flipped, no matter how red they appear to be. From the deep south to Arizona, and now the entire state of Wyoming, NDLB fights for Democratic representation. Yana is the only Democrat running in Wyoming, and only needs 125,000 votes to flip the state. No Dem Left Behind believes that this is an achievable accomplishment — across the nation, Democrats are gearing up to take over Republican seats that have once been overlooked. NDLB is proud to stand behind Yana’s campaign and her candidacy to prove once and for all: rural Democrats do exist.

About No Dem Left Behind: No Dem Left Behind is a national grassroots movement dedicated to electing Democratic candidates in red districts and states. It is composed of Congressional candidates who are committed to progressive values, while also remaining loyal to their rural roots.