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  • Rachel Eppler

Our Right to Choose

Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

The Supreme Court of the United States is considering Louisiana's newest abortion law, which requires that doctors at abortion clinics have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals during the abortion process. This process will then add an extra step that women who are considering abortions, and abortion clinics themselves must go through in order to have the abortion. An identical bill in Texas was introduced in 2016, and struck down by SCOTUS as unconstitutional. The justices in 2016 concluded that the bill created unconstitutional and unnecessary obstacles to abortion access. However, the Texas bill was passed by Justice Kennedy, who has since been replaced by the much more conservative Justice Kavanaugh.

As President Clinton once said, abortions should be “safe, legal, and rare”. Conservative Republican-led states have repeatedly tried to undermine our right to choose, and this right is once again under attack. Abortion should not be taken lightly, and in an ideal world no woman should have to go through it, or make that decision. But, the unfortunate reality is that some women will have to face that decision in their lifetime. As the most difficult decision that a woman ever has to make, it should not ever involve any else. Abortion is not something that should be decided publicly, not by doctors, politicians, or by judges (even ones on the highest court in the country). Rather, it should be decided by the individual woman herself.

We at No Dem Left Behind are in a unique situation. We can provide what no one else can: perspective, and conversations. As Democrats running in red districts, we’re able to get on the ground and talk to the voters in areas where abortion rights are being threatened. In states like Louisiana, Texas, or Georgia, a woman’s right to choose is often threatened. We believe that uniting the party is an essential way to eliminate that threat.

The law that Louisiana is proposing forces women to jump through even more hoops, as if the process and decision were not already nearly impossible. No Dem Left Behind calls upon the lawmakers of Louisiana, and the members of the Supreme Court, to uphold the decision made in 2016, and declare this law unconstitutional and unsafe.

About No Dem Left Behind: NDLB is a national grassroots movement dedicated to electing Democrats who are running in deep red districts.