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  • Rachel Eppler

Thank You, Amy and Pete

source: ABC News

No Dem Left Behind joins in on the praise, and sends our congratulations and deep gratitude to Senator Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Pete Buttigieg for running two stellar Presidential campaigns. The senator and mayor both have repeatedly went out of their way to speak up for Rural American’s, and for that we say thank you. As a coalition, we are made up of mostly Rural Democrats, and Amy and Pete give us hope that we too can win in the deep red heartland of America.

Rural Democrats face a unique challenge that most candidates don’t have to deal with. For one, our districts are often very large so it requires us to spend a lot longer traveling to campaign events. For another, our districts are gerrymandered — there’s a reason Republicans have had such a strong hold on Rural America for so long: they cheat! Additionally, our Districts are suffering, and whenever you have a population that is in dire circumstances, it is easy to get them angry and that is the playbook of the Republican Party.

The GOP has no problem spreading lies and false hope to our communities, and as a result they continue to win over Rural Americans with their votes. Democrats, on the other hand, believe that we should be honest with folks, and try and engage with them and explain to them that not all immigration is bad, that the wealthy should be paying more in taxes, and yes climate change is real.

The fact that two Democrats both from Rural America came so close to the Democratic nomination for President gives us all hope that the party and country are coming around to the idea that Rural Democrats Do Exist! No Dem Left Behind continues to work hard knocking on doors and reaching out to new Democratic voters, and we hope that supporters of Mayor Pete and Senator Klobuchar will join us on our mission to support and elect Rural Democrats.