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  • Rachel Eppler

The Relationship Between the Stock Market and First-Time Home Buyers

We recently saw the worst stock market crash in over a decade. President Trump Immediately held a very rare address to the nation to calm his Billionaire friends all while spreading lies and making jokes with people’s lives. We at No Dem Left Behind are more concerned for what that means for other Americans. While half of Americans have stocks — we are campaigning for the other half. As the stock market rises and falls, these Americans — who don’t have stocks, or homes for that matter — are left forgotten.

These Americans are discriminated against financially at every turn. We propose a policy to help new homebuyers who are being discriminated against by banks simply because they come from economically impoverished areas or even worse by the color of their skin. From law enforcement officers to teachers, veterans to nonprofit workers, Americans who can’t afford the 20% needed to buy a home continue to struggle and the government continues to look past them.

Only 37% of millenials are homeowners, this in large part due to overwhelming student loan debt and the inability to save enough funds required to purchase a home. For the first time in our country’s history the American Dream is slipping away, and we at No Dem Left Behind are determined to bring it back. When that auto industry was on the verge of collapse the US government bailed them out, and now look American Auto sales are booming. When Wall Street was teetering on complete financial armageddon, the US government bailed them out, and now they are making trillions of dollars tax free. Our policy offers alternative solutions, by providing lower-income individuals with down payment assistance, home sales will rise and the economy will flourish for ALL Americans not just the 1%. When Donald Trump built his billion dollar skyscrapers he did not have the required 20% down payment, why can he get away with it and not us?

The United States Government has a duty to ensure that all Americans have access to the same resources that the Trump family has, and it’s time for the federal government to start looking out for the other half of Americans.

No Dem Left Behind is a national grassroots movement dedicated to electing democrats running in red and/or rural districts. Their coalition is made up of rural democrats running in the most difficult districts across the nation.