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Project Hub


Here’s what we’re working on! We’re hoping you will be inspired to support these efforts by volunteering or chipping in what you can so we can do the work! To stay up on the latest updates and progress of each of these projects you must sign up to receive our e-mails!

Register to Save ROE

If there is one silver lining out of devastating news regarding Roe v. Wade, it’s that young adults all over the country are suddenly waking up to the importance of politics to their daily lives, and getting involved as activists.

We must seize the opportunity NOW to meet these young people where they are and make sure they register to vote!

We want to have a table at every demonstration ready to register the next generation. That is a lofty goal, so we’re asking for your help to make it happen!

Media Influencers

We are on the cusp of realizing democracy like never before given today’s technology. Information is readibly accessible to millions and we want to help our candidates harness that power.

We want to give our candidates and the issues we care about a large audience by reaching people where they are. Creating entertaining and informative content voters can find from the comfort of their living rooms.

If you’ve seen our quality productions, chip in a few bucks so we can expand our efforts in 21st century media production!

Rural Messenging

We are working to paint the electoral map from red to blue! This means we must invest in the middle America where campaign resources from the national party have been sparse in recent years.

We are looking for a re-investment in the rural and working class people who were once the strongest base of the democratic party. But we must invest in those who have a plan and track record of connecting to America’s Heartland.