No Dem Left Behind was founded because we believe that every candidate, every district, and every state deserves accurate representation.


With the 2020 elections rapidly approaching, it’s important to not only consider what we’re running for, but who we are running with. No Dem Left Behind is dedicated to recognizing the efforts of every Democratic candidate, regardless of the state they reside in. We know that in our current political climate, it can be easy to forget that we are meant to work together. No Dem Left Behind’s priority is to create a team of candidates from across the nation, who are all supporting one another’s candidacy and working with one another to get elected. Working together is a powerful way to advance our campaign. It is a method for receiving meaningful endorsements, and for showing the voters who they are fighting for. A party made up of people who are dedicated to building a stronger country.


From Florida to Wyoming, Maryland to Arizona, we have united candidates across the country, creating a coalition of Democrats who are all working together to fight for representation. A party that stands together and supports one another will always be stronger in the face of oppression.

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