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Democrats in rural America have lacked representation at the local and national level long enough. No Dem Left Behind has learned from experience that the most conservative districts in the country have Democratic candidates popular enough to beat a Republican opponent.

At No Dem Left Behind, our candidates participate in virtual Town Halls that showcase Democratic candidates from rural America nationwide. 


Bruno Amato (CA-23)

Bruno Amato (CA-23)

Following his Navy service, Amato joined the Ironworkers’ Union, where he saw firsthand the value of a community united in service. These experiences instilled values in Bruno, which he intends to uphold if elected...

Marcus Flowers (GA-14)

Marcus Flowers (GA-14)

Military veteran and patriot, Marcus Flowers is running to represent Georgia's 14th congressional district. Currently represented by QAnon conspiracy theorist and white supremacist, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Flowers knows the people in his community deserve better....

Cindy Banyai (FL-19)

Cindy Banyai (FL-19)

Dr. Cindy Banyai is running to represent the people of congressional district 19 in the U.S. House of Representatives. Southwest Florida deserves better than the hypocrisy of Representative Byron Donalds, a conservative Republican who embraces the voter suppression...

Ike McCorkle (CO-04)

Ike McCorkle (CO-04)

Ike McCorkle is running to represent Colorado's 4th congressional district. McCorkle is the proud single parent of 3 children and understands firsthand the challenges that single parents face. He's also a passionate advocate for the environment and gun reform. Ike...

Val Demings (FL-SEN)

Val Demings (FL-SEN)

Democrat Val Demings is running for U.S. Senate representing the state of Florida. Her entire career has been about public service and her genuine concern for others has always shown through. She has been a tireless advocate for civil rights and accountability in...

Tim Ryan (OH-SEN)

Tim Ryan (OH-SEN)

Ohio's Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate is Tim Ryan. Ryan has represented Ohio's 13th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2013. Prior to that, he represented the 17th district for 10 years. Throughout his career, Ryan has been a...

Josh Remillard (NC-11)

Democrat Josh Remillard is running for Congress to unseat Madison Cawthorn, a traitor who provided reconnaissance tours prior to the Jan. 6th attack on our nation’s capital. A two-tour veteran, Josh recognizes the importance of sacrifice and service. Following the army, Josh became a volunteer for Team Rubicon and acts as an advocate  for homeless veterans in his community. He plans to use the values of sacrifice and service in Congress to become a champion for North Carolinians. 

Laura Jones (TX-8)

Laura Jones is running to represent the people of congressional district 8. As a native Texan, Laura is uniquely qualified to understand the problems facing both rural and urban Texans. She is actively involved in her community and serves on the Board of Directors for Coldspring's water company and local community center, and as a representative on the Steering Committee for Our Revolution. These leadership skills will oust the white supremacists from Congress.

John Fetterman (SEN-PA)

Democrat John Fetterman is running for U.S. Senate representing the state of Pennsylvania. John is the former mayor of Braddock, PA and the current Lieutenant Governor of PA. John is a dedicated public servant who goes above and beyond for his constituents and always puts their needs above partisan politics. John is a leader in criminal justice reform and supported causes such as legalizing same-sex marriage, single payer health care and marijuana legalization before it became politically popular. He will continue his unwavering loyalty and unapologetic leadership to Pennsylvanians when he is elected to the Senate. 

Sarah Godlewski (SEN-WI)

Democrat Sarah Godlewski is running for U.S. Senate representing the state of Wisconsin. Sarah is the State Treasurer of Wisconsin, chairwoman of the State Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, a member of the Next Generation Workforce and Economic Development Policy Advisory. As a fifth generation Wisconsinite, Sarah understands the concerns of her constitutents and her proven leadership skills will make her a formindable member of the Senate. 


At No Dem Left Behind, we are mindful of the impact we are making in our local communities but know that change at the national level is also necessary. Therefore, it is crucial to support Democrats in rural America and not simply focus on the ones for whom you can cast a vote. By supporting and electing Democrats at every level across the country, we can have leaders whose important issues align with ours. 


Our celebrity hosted Town Halls are where our candidates interact with one another and form a comradery to help build their campaign platform. 

Check out our Town Halls from 2020  


No Dem Left Behind is committed to electing more Democrats to Congress in order to maintain and expand our Democratic Majority. That can and will be done through well-organized grassroots mobilization. We are proud to partner with fellow organizations who share our ideals and goals. Together, we will shape the future of American politics.” 

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