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The goal at No Dem Left Behind is simple: To give Democratic candidates and voters in red districts an opportunity. An opportunity to have their voices heard in Washington, an opportunity to show the Democratic Party that this country is changing, and an opportunity to prove themselves on a national stage.  We owe it to those voters to give them a choice worth voting for, and here at No Dem Left Behind, that’s what we aim to do.

Our Mission

We want to bring this party together in a way it has never seen before. This groundbreaking campaign is about the people who make this country great: you. We hope to show you that there are candidates from across the nation that are always ready to fight the good fight and stand up for what matters most. We are ready to remind Washington that these issues affect Americans day in and day out. We know we work best when we work together, and we will never forget that. 


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Cindy Banyai

Florida's 19th District


Jamie Cheek

Utah's 1st District


Allen Ellison

Florida's 17th District

Devin Pandy

Georgia's 9th District


Mia Mason

Maryland's 1st District


Chris Rowe

Tennessee's 1st District

Tracy Mitrano

New York's 23rd District


Natalie Cline

West Virginia's 1st District

Yana Ludwig

U.S. Senate, Wyoming

Michael Muscato

Arizona's 6th District